May the FORT be

  • CodeProject: CONCF-280


📢 Una vez construido para proteger a Albertville de los atacantes, hoy en día el Fort du Mont es una construcción notable cuya renovación es un proyecto a largo plazo

📍Where: Albertville, France
🕒 When: 31/07/2020 – 21/08
👩👨Age: 18-30

👷 Work: In order to give a second life to this site, some parts have to be renovated.In the continuation of the work started in 2014, this intervention offers the possibility to work on the patrol path, especially at the stone walls which will have to be reassembled to ensure the stability of certain shelters. On some sections of the wall, you will have to remove some plants. The work will be supervised by a technical coordinator.
This workcamp requires carrying of stones on the site. Technically, the workcamp is not difficult but it will require you some physic effort.

🏠 Accommodation: You will be hosted in tents at the Fort or in one of the large dormitories, depending on the weather conditions. In any case, bring with you your sleeping bag. The kitchen, toilets, showers and free time space will be inside the Fort (many halls are available and you may use them in case of bad weather). ⠀

🤸‍♂ Leisure: The Fort is situated at 150 km from Lyon and 130 km from Geneva. The city of Annecy and its well-known lake offer the possibility of swimming, hiking and visits, those facilities are situated at 45 minutes by public transport. With the support of the municipality, many other activities are proposed (hiking trips, swimming pool, access to the lake of Grignon, and guided visits of the medieval site of Conflans…).


💸Travel costs will be covered up to 275€ max and they’ll receive their pocket money.


To find this project go to «Buscar un workcamp» and search by the code: CONCF-280
(There you can get a detailed description of the project)

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