Liikuri Kindergarten

  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Date: 04.09.2020-03.07.2021
  • Age: 18-30
  • Places available: 1


The goal of the kindergarten is to support the children’s individuality, creativity and learning through playing. It has more than 260 kids attending every year for 30 years now. The kindergarten has 3 day-care groups for kids from 1.5-3 years old and 9 kindergarten groups for kids from 3-7.

As the mother tongue of most of the kids is Russian, the children from the age of 3 start to learn national language – Estonian – through planned studying, everyday activities and games. The kindergarten also promotes healthiness by organizing outdoor activities and lessons in the pool. The organisation is different from the other kindergartens because it participates in lots of conferences, projects (also international) and competitions. The kindergarten also offers many theatrical activities that help develop children minds. This kindergarten’s teachers’ materials are often used by other institutions in Estonia.

The kindergarten has a digital classroom with a touchscreen whiteboard, interactive tables and tablets. Since 2018 the kindergarten hosts an innovation lab set up in the educational institutions as part of the #EduInnoLab project. This lab also holds training courses on robotics and animation. In the academic year 2017/18 Liikuri Kindergarten organized training courses for 343 school and kindergarten teachers. In the year 2018/19 it provided training for over than 900 teachers.

The kindergarten participates in the project RED BALL (Reflecting, Empowering, Developing, Becoming Active Lifelong Learner). It is a project based on the theory of School Improvement where the progress and development of school itself, and education in general, starts from bottom-up. The goal is to empower teachers and pupils as lifelong learners using multiple ways and tools: self-reflection, inclusive practices, collaborative learning, non-formal and informal education approaches and the study of culture-tradition.

The staff is from the age of 20 to 60.  Eighteen teachers have the experience in different international projects and fourteen of them have the working experience as a volunteer.

The kindergarten cooperates with companies, kindergartens, schools and even universities. It has been a place for interns from Tallinn University and Tallinn Pedagogical College for years.



Liikuri Kindergarten is in one of the most beautiful spots of Tallinn with fresh and clean air on the uphill near the sea, Kadriorg Park and Tallinn Song Festival Ground.


Work tasks

The activities will take place mainly in Tallinn but from time to time also in rest of the country during the weekends (free-time and education activities). During the project, the volunteer will communicate with different groups of people – children, teachers and parents. The volunteer will help organizing different events and national celebrations, art-classes, different smart-device classes (Bee-Bot, Ozobot, Lego education etc) and all the preparations which are needed in kindergarten everyday life.


Benefits of volunteering

  • The volunteer can learn about digital technologies and robotics.
  • Practicing communication skills with the kids and foreigners.
  • Improving planning skills, time management, team communication, coordination and conflict management etc.
  • Volunteering develops tolerance, increases social and relationship skills (good opportunity to make new friends and contacts), increases self-confidence, combats depression, provides a sense of purpose, can advance career, teaching valuable job skills.
  • Being able to participate in different celebrations, trips and events.


Requirements for the volunteer

The person, who will be chosen, should be open-minded and willing to communicate with children and adults. One should love to spend time with children and propose own ideas on which activities one would like to take part. Would be nice to be initiative, active and to be willing to help in everyday activities and tasks.


Todos gastos pagados (vuelo, seguro, manutención + dinero de bolsillo cada mes)


Para solicitar este proyecto envía tu CV y carta de motivación a