Kindergarten Sipsik was opened in 2004. The kindergarten helps to prepare the children for school by taking into consideration specific features of each child and one’s interests. The motto of the kindergarten is “Children´s day will begin with joy and will end with satisfaction.”

There are 6 groups in the kindergarten: one is for children up to 3 years old and other groups are for children over 3 years of age (each age has its own group). Altogether the kindergarten has 134 children. There are 15 teachers, including a music teacher and a gymnastics teacher. The staff has monthly activities together like sports activities, parties, trips to nature etc.

Kindergarten Sipsik applies Reggio Emilia approach to all kindergarten activities and implements project-based learning.  The children can participate in different activities like art course, ceramics, dancing, English and judo. Traditions are implemented into kindergarten work, e.g. Harvest and Christmas fairs, kindergarten´s birthday, Estonian Independence Day etc. Besides celebrating traditional activities in the kindergarten, very important are national and international health days, e.g. Heart Week, Bread and Milk Week etc. Since December 2005 the kindergarten belongs to a network of kindergartens aiming to educate children on health and is part of the Eco-Schools global program.



Kindergarten Sipsik is in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia on the coast of Baltic Sea. Tallinn has about 400 000 inhabitants. The native language is Estonian, but English, Russian and Finnish are also widely understood. Tallinn was founded about 1000 years ago. Now it is a beautiful modern city with ancient buildings and fantastical sights. The city is very popular touristic place. Kindergarten Sipsik is situated in the centre of town near the old town and has its own building with a nice garden.


Work tasks

There are different activities where the help from volunteer is needed to organise

  • Group activities
  • Celebrating Estonian holidays
  • Field trips (the old town, museums etc)
  • Trips to nature (an island, a swamp, a beach, a forest etc)
  • Sports (skiing, swimming etc)

The volunteer can participate in the activities and is expected to offer own ideas and be creative. The volunteer will be residing with one age group but has a lot of opportunities to work with other age groups as well. The volunteer will have an experienced tutor, who will always be ready to help and give good advice about everyday life in the city and the country. The tutor will make the volunteer understand better about the environment, new people and make one feel more comfortable.


Requirements for the volunteer

  • Ready to work with children and has patience
  • Friendly and open-minded
  • Willing to be involved in youth work and youth activities
  • Aged between 18 and 30 years
  • Speaks English at least at a basic level
  • Optimistic and cheerful
  • The volunteer is expected to learn Estonian language at beginner level (A1) and will have Estonian language lessons at the beginning of their voluntary service.