Kolde Kindergarten

  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Date: 04.09.2020-03.06.2021
  • Age: 18-30
  • Places available: 1


Kolde Kindergarten is a municipality kindergarten which was established in 1929 but has been in the current building since 1954. In 2013 the building was fully renovated. The kindergarten has 5 groups where pre-school education is given to children aged between 2 to 7 years. Every group has its own room where daily activities and educational lessons are carried out, such as games, art, music and sport activities. In addition, the children can take singing, dancing, judo and football lessons two times a week.

Every group has two teachers and one teacher assistant. The organisation has specialised teachers for music and sport activities. There are 11 teachers and 9 other employees in total.

The organisation has many different traditions. It has a day when the children, parents and teachers plant flowers and other plants, paint fences and benches etc. The kindergarten celebrates Family Day with different workshops, performance and a picnic. During the year, the kindergarten organises different exhibitions and shows put together by the kids or their parents and teachers.

The kindergarten values developing important emotional and social qualities in the kids: self-control, empathy, love, friendliness and kindness. The organisation has joined the program Free of Bullying and provides environmental education. From 2019 Kolde Kindergarten has been a member of the Health Promoting Kindergartens network.



The kindergarten is in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. The main languages spoken there are Estonian and Russian. Most of the younger generation can also speak English. The public transportation is very good.


Work tasks

  • Help teachers during lessons and games with children
  • Help to prepare lessons and materials for activities
  • Help to organize festivals or holidays and exhibitions
  • Put together exhibitions about own country
  • Organise different events for the teachers, such as culture clubs
  • Take part in different activities, such as parties, excursions, study trips etc
  • Assist kids (getting dressed for the outdoor activities, having meals)
  • Gather up toys and books after play time


Requirements for the volunteer

  • Motivated and ready to work with small children
  • Social and flexible
  • Values tolerance, openness and teamwork


Todos gastos pagados (vuelo, seguro, manutención + dinero de bolsillo cada mes)


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Foto de Casey Horner en Unsplash.